Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photos from Our New Year's Eve (2009) Tallahassee Trip

Some pics from our trip. The wife grew up in Tallahassee so we went up there last week just before the New Year. My daughter went with us to visit. The little cutie's name is Meg.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wedding Photography at the Signature Grand in Fort Lauderdale

Gabriel & Lolana's wedding pictures from the Signature Grand in Davie, Florida. It was a truely beautiful event with a truly beautiful couple.

Family Photography at the Beach in West Palm, South Florida

Castelblanco y Castellanos family photography in West Palm Beach. It was still a little brisk on January 7th when we went to the beach around 1 PM for this photo shoot but it was a perfect day nonetheless. The 2 sisters decided to do this shoot before the sister visiting from Arizona went back. The 2 families dressed beautifully and they loved the photographs.